Gain More Home Remodel Leads with Blog Content Marketing

Blog Content for Home Contractors

Gain More Home Remodel Leads with Blog Content Marketing

You’re a home remodeling contractor who wants to get more leads through digital marketing and blog content marketing. Maybe you have a website and know you need to blog. Maybe you hired a company that wrote you a bunch of generic pieces. But in the end, you never saw any big bump in traffic. And you never got any leads. 

When not done correctly, content marketing can feel like a big waste of time and money. Did you ever hunker down to write your own content? You probably spent hours and still didn’t know if it was worth all the work.

The good news is blog content can be an incredibly effective way to get more homeowner leads for your home remodeling business. But it has to be done correctly for it to have a chance of working. Here’s how to make your home remodeling blog content more effective. If you’re a home remodeling contractor, a kitchen and bath renovation company or anyone in the home improvement industry, this information is for you. 

Avoid Generic Content That Leads Will Never See

Effective content marketing begins with choosing the correct topics to write about. Here at CAT creative we like to create a content plan for a full year. This way everything is laid out and organized. There’s no surprises. No scrabbling to get a piece written and posted last minute. 

It’s easy for beginner bloggers to want to write about the same things everyone else is writing. And don’t get us wrong, competitor analysis is a VERY GOOD THING. But you don’t want to just look at the more generic, safe topics and figure those are the best options. Here’s a few topics that we often see home remodeling businesses want to write about. This is our NO list for boring, no-traffic content:

  • Home Trends for the Year
  • Kitchen Trends
  • Bathroom Trends
  • How to Choose a Home Remodeling Contractor

Instead, it’s better to focus on the topics that set you apart from your competition. There’s probably many unique parts of your business that you can talk about. The more specific you can get, the more interesting your blogs can become. 

Low Competition Keywords

The more common an article topic is, the more articles on the internet you’ll have to compete with. If you write an article about Kitchen Design Trends for 2022, you’re competing against the powerhouses of Martha Stewart, Better Homes and Gardens, Vogue Home, just to name a very, very few. Now think of all the other home remodeling companies, the bloggers and local online magazines with that same article too. You might have the most interesting and creative ideas, but if your blog is on page 55 of Google’s search results, it will rarely, if ever, be seen. Did you know in 2022, 88% of people who search on Google never get beyond the first page? 

That’s where low competition keywords come in as the unsung hero of blog content. They’re the underdog of SEO because they’re quirky, not the types of articles you’d think to write about, but they work. These are super niche, unique topics like “How to clean your wooden spoons” or “What’s the perfect height for a built-in shower shelf?”

This isn’t to say you still can’t have an article about the top trends of the year. These articles are great for showing off your home remodeling brand’s expertise. They are also super useful to share on your social media to get likes and shares.

Localized SEO for Remodeling Contractors Like You

If you’re a home remodeling contractor, you probably don’t want traffic from all over the country. Those readers won’t transform into leads. Instead, you want to attract local homeowners. To do this, it’s important to localize at least a portion of your content to focus on your geographic region. 

You could write articles that focus on your services in your area as well as other topics that your demographic has an interest in. Typically families are looking to add more space, style and functionality to their homes. They also usually have kids and enjoy participating in their community. Therefore articles like “The best spring events in (insert neighborhood near you)” might attract just the types of clients you’re looking for. 

Frequent Blogging Helps Remodeling Contractors

Google likes blogs that are continuously updated. So it’s important to never let your blog go dormant. This can be a challenge, especially during the busy times of construction and remodeling seasons. But it’s best to at least post 2-4 blog a month. This will keep you in Google’s good graces and avoid any punishments to your site. 

We’re Experts in Home Remodeling and Construction Blog Content

Maybe you hate staring at a blank page trying to put a blog together. Maybe your team is too busy bringing in business to get sidetracked on blogging. Or you might have zero interest in learning all of the SEO best practices that go into effective blog content marketing. We help businesses take blogging off of their to-do list FOR GOOD. Leave your blog content to the writers at CAT creative and you’ll only have to think about your blog once a year when we review your year of content. Want less content than a full year? That’s no problem, we offer 3, 6 and 12 month blog content packages. Reach out to us and get your blog content working better for you.

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